The Web Series

Hearst Castle Ghost stars Greg Maxim in a comedic web-series about a deceased wanderer who takes up residence in one of California’s most beloved estates.  Visible only to the Hearst Castle docents (tour staff) and a few select guests, the ghost attempts to eke out an afterlife among the living in his modest new home.  Who are we kidding?  He’s a drunken drug-addled vagabond turned ghost with a foul mouth whose afterlife is a gigantic step up in luxury and who drives the tour staff crazy with his inane ramblings and completely insensitive nature.

This is an adult web cartoon created and written by the warped minds of the Maxim Brothers which takes place in a fictionalized version of the Hearst Castle.  Head over to our blog to keep up to date with the series production, announcements, and general brain dumps.  You can (should) also follow us on our YouTube channel to catch the latest preseason videos.