Frelling Fricking Frakking

WARNING:  The Hearst Castle Ghost may be offensive to some people.  There’s no denying that and, in some cases, it seems to be our goal.  Just watch the Ghost’s Apology Video over on YouTube as an example.  I’d be lying if I said that whole skit wasn’t written to piss on a few people’s cornflakes.  It is insensitive, insincere, sexually suggestive, and uses foul language.  And that’s just a preseason teaser video – imagine an entire season.  Fuck!

Boom!  There it is.  What was once the epitome of foul language for a television show, a word that still elicits shivers of contempt in the moral few, and the central theme of this post.  The f-bomb.  But what makes it foul (or graphic) language?  And why should I, or anyone else, care?

The answer is “intent.”  A tiny little word that society en masse has seemed to have forgotten.  Intent.  Intent.  Intent.  Did you catch that word?  Let me repeat it once more:  intent.  Probably one of the worst words to the special little snowflakes, because they don’t understand the concept.  Intent makes things go from a world of black and white to a world full of grays; and not the poorly written fifty shades kind either.  Gray is a very bad thing to a snowflake.

I will explain.  You see the title of this post?  Those are all words that represent the word “fucking” from a time when the television censors would quash a show into oblivion for dropping an f-bomb.  Frelling comes from one of my favorite sci-fi television series, Farscape.  Fricking comes from every kids’ cartoon ever written.   Frakking comes from one of my least favorite sci-fi television series, Battlestar Galactica (the remake).  All “made up” words with the same intent: to allow characters to say F-U-C-K-I-N-G without being censored and, more importantly, without offending anyone.

When Gigi Edgley said “Frell you” on Farscape or Katee Sackhoff said “Frakk off” on Battlestar Galactica we all knew they meant “fuck.”  That was the intention of each of those words and you would need to be pretty damn naive to not know that.  Yet the censors let it fly.  And we as a society let it fly.  And special little snowflakes didn’t have to melt into a puddle.  And many years later the Syfy channel was brave enough to let Magicians say “fuck” because, in all honesty, the Syfy channel had been saying it all along.

Here’s the thing with words: each one of them can be extremely offensive – or not – based entirely on the intent surrounding the word.  And it really is about time society stopped giving such power to a few chosen words while completely ignoring the intent.  In much the same way that a surgeon cutting open a person to save their life is not considered an act of violence because of their intent, words should not be considered good or bad without taking into consideration how the word was used or why it was used that way. 

Just using the word shit or ass or fuck should not tag a show as having “graphic language,” but rather the intention surrounding the words should be the determinant.  No word is good or bad, black or white.  A word does not instill love or hate.  They are all shades of gray which require each one of us to use our own brains to figure out what end of the spectrum the intent falls into.

All that said… Yeah.  The Hearst Castle Ghost is still pretty fucking offensive, with or without the f-bombs.