No News Is No News

I had sincerely hoped to have a major update on production by now (well, by several weeks ago actually) but that does not seem to be the case.  Instead, you get a few micro updates along with an assurance that we are continuing forward with production as quickly as possible.

  • The hunt for a filming location continues quite slowly.   I have exhausted the sources I could think of and now must turn to a real estate agent to find a location willing to perform a very short term lease (one month) at a reasonable rate.  A secondary and much less attractive option will be renting a large hotel conference room and hoping for quiet during filming.
  • Greg has sent over final versions of the remaining scripts for season one as well as for post season one.  I have yet to get off my ass to read said scripts and give them the stamp of continuity.
  • Once a location has been procured that we can use as a set and casting facility we will be announcing a casting call for additional credited speaking and non-speaking roles.
  • We are quickly approaching Adult Swim’s launch of Rick and Morty Season 4, at which time all production on Hearst Castle Ghost will stop for intermittent, but brief, periods of time, because we’ll be watching Rick and Morty.

There you have it.  Moving forward at a snail’s pace, but still moving forward.