We Have A Set

Shortly after posting our non-update update this past Friday I received news that we have a location to film season one of Hearst Castle Ghost, thus we are jumping back into production mode.  Unfortunately for me, this means I have to grow out the obnoxious goatee starting today (first non-shave day).  The price we pay for art.

In additional news, I have a meeting today with a friend and actor to discuss casting call arrangements to fill in the various remaining positions and hopefully convince her to co-direct the season.  Fingers crossed.

Of course, this means there is a whole list of things that have to get done in a very short period of time to start shooting season one.  While things might get hectic and quite stressful over the coming weeks, I much prefer having to rush versus the snail’s pace we were trudging along at prior.  I just need to remember to breathe.  We got this.