Full Transparency

We decided early on in the process of creating the Hearst Castle Ghost that we want to be fully transparent with our viewers.  First and foremost, Hearst Castle Ghost is a satirical comedy.  Easy enough to say, however, unlike most people on the Interwebs we know what “satire” actually means.  Just like we know “irregardless” is not a word, but apparently wishing something to be true works in the world of Merriam Webster.  Yay learning!

Anyway, to be an actual satire we need something or someone to poke fun of in such as way that it will fly over their collective heads.  Our target is the special little snowflake hypocritical social justice media warriors of the world.  Try saying that 69 times fast.  For the two of us that target is a no brainer.  Figuratively and literally (zing).

The one catch in creating our little media experiment is that we can’t allow ourselves to become hypocrites as well.  Enter full transparency and full disclosure.  If this experiment is going to work then the good, the bad, and the dirty of Hearst Castle Ghost all needs to be aired out for the world to see and reflect upon.  We need to show the world the hows and the whys for our decisions.  And what better way to do that then via a blog.

That is it.  This is the blog for the Hearst Castle Ghost comedy show.  Expect openness and bluntness.  We won’t be talking about it here if we are planning on explaining something via an episode.  No one wants spoilers after all.  Aside from that it is our hope that being extremely forthright will make the show that much more enjoyable for everyone.  Except the snowflakes of course.